Adapter Mounting

  • The sleeve should be positioned so that the nut is located on the side opposite any adjacent components that might interfere with the installation.
  • Adjust the position of the sleeve on the shaft so that the tapered part is approximately centered on the bearing. To facilitate the mounting of the sleeve onto the shaft, the opening in the sleeve can be widened using a screwdriver or similar tool.
  • Place the bearing unit with the tapered bore oriented to match the taper on the sleeve. Tap the back side of the adapter sleeve lightly over its entire periphery until a positive contact is made between the bearing and the sleeve.
  • Install the washer and lock nut; tighten the nut fully by hand.
  • Apply a punch or screw driver into the notch of the nut and tap it with a hammer. Stop tapping after the nut has turned 60° to 90°. Do not strike the seal. Care should be taken not to over tighten the nut as this will deform the inner ring, causing heat generation and seizure.
  • Bend up the tab on the rim of the washer, which is in line with the notch of the nut. This will prevent the nut from turning. Do not turn the nut backwards in order to bring the notch into line with the tab in the washer.
  • Mount the housing securely in position on the machine.

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