Timken Industrial Lubricants

Premium All-Purpose Industrial Grease
For industrial bearings that operate at higher-than-average temperatures and shock loading.

Ball Bearing Electric Motor Grease
For medium- to high-speed applications (up to 10,000 rpm).

Construction and Off-Highway Grease
Ideal for high-load, low-speed applications that need extended protection in wet and dirty environments.

Ball Bearing Pillow Block Grease
For lightly loaded ball bearings in pillow blocks and conveyors.

Mill Grease
For resistance to water washout in mills, power plants and more.

Ultra-High Speed Spindle Grease
For ball bearings used in alternators, generators, drills and other long-life applications.

Food Safe Grease
For improved low- and high-temperature performance in food processing applications.

Synthetic Industrial Grease
For a variety of industrial, construction, agriculture and automotive applications.

Multi-Use Lithium Grease
For a variety of applications where extreme pressure is not required.

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