The SKF, Combi Kit TMMK 10-35

For mounting, a multipurpose fitting tool is included which is suitable for mounting bearings as well as bushings, seal rings, belt pulleys and other similar products.

For dismounting of deep groove ball bearings from blind housings and shafts, the SKF Combi kit contains a unique three armed puller. When dismounting deep groove ball bearings from housings, a combination of this puller, sliding hammer and support rings enables easy removal of bearings.

  • All parts are clearly arranged in the case for easy selection and identification
  • The correct combination of impact ring and sleeve helps ensure that mounting forces are not transmitted via the rolling elements of the bearing, minimizing damage to bearing due to incorrect mounting
  • The impact rings are made of high-impact modified polyamide. The impact sleeves are made of glass fibre-reinforced, high-impact modified polyamide, which is super-tough, strong and lightweight
  • The dead-blow hammer has nylon faces and is steel-shot loaded for maximum impact. The handle, with comfortable rubber-grip for good handling, absorbs shock and vibration
  • A complete kit of different sizes puller arms and spindles facilitates the dismounting of up to 49 different SKF deep groove ball bearings
  • The claws are especially designed to facilitate a precise fit in the bearing's raceways, providing good grip and allowing the application of higher dismounting forces
  • The designation is laser-engraved on the arms allowing easy identification and selection
  • The springs are color-coded allowing easy selection and matching
  • Elastic locking ring results in easy connection of puller arms to spindle
  • Heavy sliding weight of the sliding hammer generates a high dismounting force

Technical data
Designation TMMK 10-35
Description SKF Combi kit
Number of impact rings 24 (12 size A and 12 size B)
Number of sleeves 2 (size A and size B)
Impact rings bore diameter 10 - 35 mm (0.39 - 2.1 in)
Impact rings outer diameter 26 - 80 mm (1.0 - 4.7 in)
Impact sleeves bore diameter 18 and 37 mm (0.7 and 1.4 in)
Dead-blow hammer TMFT 36-H, weight 1.0 kg (2.2 lbs)
Shaft support rings (diameter) 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 25, 30 and 35 mm
Effective puller arm length (L) A1 - 135 mm (5.3 in)
A2 - 135 mm (5.3 in)
A3 - 137 mm (5.4 in)
A4 - 162 mm (6.4 in)
A5 - 167 mm (6.6 in)
Spindle hexagon heads (AF) 19 mm and 24 mm
Sliding hammer displacement 182 mm (7.16 in)
Sliding hammer weight 1.0 kg (2.2 lbs)
Dimensions of the case 525 x 420 x 130 mm (20.7 x 16.5 x 5.1 in)
Kit weight, including carrying case 7.6 kg (16.8 lbs)

Selection table
Mounting Dismounting
DGBB Impact ring Impact
Puller arm Support ring
6000 A10-26 A small TMMD 100-A1 Size 1
6200 A10-30 A small TMMD 100-A1  
16100 A10-26 A small TMMD 100-A1  
6300 A10-35 A small TMMD 100-A2  
6001 A12-28 A small TMMD 100-A1  
16101 A12-28 A small TMMD 100-A1  
6201 A12-32 A small TMMD 100-A2  
6301 A12-37 A small TMMD 100-A3  
6002 A15-32 A small TMMD 100-A1 Size 2
16002 A15-32 A small TMMD 100-A1  
6202 A15-35 A small TMMD 100-A2  
6302 A15-42 A small TMMD 100-A3  
6003 A17-35 A small TMMD 100-A1  
16003 A17-35 A small TMMD 100-A1  
6203 A17-40 A small TMMD 100-A2  
6303 A17-47 A large TMMD 100-A4  
6403 B25-62 B large TMMD 100-A5  
6004 B20-42 B small TMMD 100-A2 Size 3
6204 B20-47 B small TMMD 100-A3  
6304 B20-52 B large TMMD 100-A4  
62/22 B25-47 B small TMMD 100-A3  
63/22 B25-52 B large TMMD 100-A4  
6005 B25-47 B small TMMD 100-A2 Size 4
6205 B25-52 B small TMMD 100-A3  
6305 B25-62 B large TMMD 100-A5  
62/28 B30-55 B large TMMD 100-A4 Size 5
63/28 B30-62 B large TMMD 100-A5  
6006 B30-55 B small TMMD 100-A2  
6206 B30-62 B large TMMD 100-A4  
6306 B30-72 B large TMMD 100-A5  
6007 B35-62 B small TMMD 100-A3 Size 6
6207 B35-72 B large TMMD 100-A5  
6307 B35-80 B large TMMD 100-A5  

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