Snapidle Chain Tensioners

By being able to take up tension through the chain, Snapidle® eliminates the need for adjustable center distance drives. All chains may be ordered in even pitches (eliminating half links) since the additional tension may be taken up by the Snapidle®.

Since the Snapidle® “floats” on the chain drive and actually absorbs shock, it does not add to vibration in the drive. Both sprockets will have the maximum chain wrap possible, thereby increasing chain life (load sharing) and sprocket life (the chain is unable to crawl out of the teeth).

On large chain drives, the expense required to install a tension system may be unrealistic. A Snapidle® unit at a fraction of the cost of traditional tensioning methods can tension almost any roller chain drive. Many multiple strand drives cannot be tensioned by traditional idling or tension systems, but are readily fitted with Snapidle® economically.

Hi-Temp Snapidle®
For temperature applications ranging from 200 degrees Fahrenheit to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, the SI-HT series should be considered. With all the benefits of the standard Snapidle®, it offers the enhanced benefit of controlling drive chains in extreme temperatures. Where most tensioning systems are not applicable, Hi-Temp Snapidle® solves the problem.

Extra-Heavy Snapidle®

In extreme environments, there is the SI-XH series. Dry, dusty and gritty environments (where the chain is usually not lubricated) require a product that can take the punishment. Recommended for the harshest environments and for high speed chain applications, the SI-XH is tougher than the environment.

Self Lubricating Snapidle®

The SI-SL series is recommended where chain lubrication is a problem. The SL Snapidle’s® top block contains up to 40% oil… lubricates while tensioning your chain.

Single Guide Snapidle®

Where space is at a premium, especially on serpentine drives, the SI-SG series is easily installed and adjustable. An economical way to adjust tension and control drive systems where the standard Snapidle® is not applicable.


Oil bath:
Standard lube:
Bone dry:
Chain speeds should not exceed 2,500 F.P.M.
Chain speeds should not exceed 1,800 F.P.M.
Chain speeds should not exceed 800 F.P.M.


Temperature: Maximum operating range of any standard Snapidle® unit is two hundred degrees F. For temperatures above two hundred degrees F. use the SI-HT Series Snapidle®. (Not to exceed 450° F.)

Chemicals: Metal carriers are stainless steel. Screws and pins are zinc plated carbon steel. Wing nuts are die cast zinc. Bolts are zinc plated carbon steel with nylon inserts. All stainless steel (300,304) construction is available upon request.
Environment: In extreme environment (i.e. abrasive grinder dust, foundries, gypsum facilities, dry glass, etc.) especially in a lack of lubrication situation, the wear on the carrier will be greatly enhanced. In the case where the standard Snapidle® does not provide adequate life, the SI-XH Snapidle® series should be used.

Reversing Drives and Orientation: The Snapidle® series has no limitation on the direction of rotation. The Snapidle® may be used in any chain drive attitude.


The Snapidle® series can tolerate any misalignment compatible with a roller chain drive and, in most applications, will allow a roller chain drive to operate with a larger misalignment. Misalignments in which the plane of one sprocket is rotated relative to the plane of the second or in which the plane of one sprocket is moved laterally relative to the other sprocket, or a combination of the two, can be tolerated.

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