SKF, Grease Pumps LAGG series

  • Full range; pumps available for 18, 50 or 180 kg (39, 110 or 400 lb) drums
  • High pressure; maximum of 50 MPa (7,250 psi)
  • Easy to install; all necessary items as well as 3.500 mm (137.8 in) of tubing are included
  • Reliable; tested and approved for SKF greases
  • Can be used in combination with SKF bearing packer VKN 550

Ordering details
Designation Description
LAGG 18M Grease pump for 18 kg drums
LAGG 18AE Mobile grease pump for 18 kg drums
LAGG 50AE Grease pump for 50 kg drums
LAGG 180AE Grease pump for 180 kg drums
LAGT 180 Trolley for drums up to 200 kg

Technical data
Designation LAGG 18M LAGG 18AE LAGG 50AE
Pumping Manual Air-pressure Air-pressure
Max. pressure 50 MPa
(7,250 psi)
42 MPa
(6,090 psi)
42 MPa
(6,090 psi)
SKF Drum 18 kg (39.6 lb) 18 kg (39.6 lb) 50 kg (110 lb)
Inner diameter 265-285 mm
(10.4-11.2 in)
265-285 mm
(10.4-11.2 in)
350-385 mm
(13.8-15.2 in)
Note Stationary Mobile Stationary

Techinical Data
Designation LAGG 180AE LAGT 180                      
Pumping Air-pressure n.a.  
Max. pressure 42 MPa (6,090 psi) n.a.  
SKF Drum 180 kg (396 lb) 180 kg  
Inner diameter 550-590 mm
(21.7-23.2 in)
Note Stationary Mobile  

More information
Instructions for use

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