Bondhus® GorillaGrip® Fold Ups

Foldup Considerations:

  • The greatest advantage of a fold up is the convenience of a range of blade sizes in one package. Itís also easily and conveniently carried in a pocket.
  • With a blade in the 180 degree position, a foldup can be used for spinning a fastener in or out. When opened to 90 degrees, it can be used like a screwdriver.
  • Care should be exercised when using a foldup with a small blade size. The very nature of the foldup design makes it possible to over-torque small blades.

Bondhus® Advantages:
  • The GorillaGrip® fold up handle is 40% stronger than steel, and will not rust or corrode.
  • Handle is comfortable to hold, and does not conduct heat or cold.
  • GorillaGrip® fold upís are available in inch, metric, star, and utility ends.
  • Patented Bondhus® design allows selection of one blade at a time, without the need for annoying mechanisms to release a blade.
  • Blades have a positive stop at 270 degrees open.
  • The convenient flip & turn feature permits screw insertion or removal when working near an obstruction Ė without the need to continually remove and reinsert the tool into the screw head.
  • GorillaGrip® fold upís do not have ball end tips smaller than 5/32 and 4mm, since the handles could easily over-torque the blades and risk breakage.
  • GorillaGrip® fold upís have another distinct advantage over metal fold upís; blades are accessible from both sides for single blade selection without the Ďun-stackingí of blades associated with metal Fold-Ups.
  • Protanium® Steel
  • ProGuardô dry finish

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