Posi Lock Manual Bearing Pullers

  1. Rolled center bolt threads are designed for less effort when applying high torque.
  2. Heat-treated tips.
  3. T-handle locks jaws precisely where you set them.
  4. Slim tapered jaws allow for better gripping and easier access in tight spots.
  5. Safety Cage guides jaws for fast set-up, solid contact and superior safety.
  6. Nut recessed to avoid mushrooming and disfiguring from impact.
  7. Leverage up front for positive grip, vise-like power and no slippage.
  8. Tip protectors and optional bolt extenders create a live center to fit on the center bolt for additional protection and added reach. F (93C)


A significant amount of force can be exerted with a puller. Respect this force and observe safety precautions at all times.

Manual puller center bolt diameter must be at least one half (1/2) as large as diameter of the shaft from which object will be removed.

Basic manual puller safety rules:
  1. Always use puller with safety Cage design to reduce possible injury from puller jaws flying off or snapping back.
  2. Always select the proper gear puller for each pulling job. Always use a gear puller equal to or larger then required.
  3. Before use, center bolt should be cleaned and lubricated with high pressure grease or graphite based lubricant.
  4. Always wear safety goggles when using gear pullers.
  5. Always use hand tools on gear pullers. Avoid the use of air powered tools.
  6. Always make sure the gear puller is aligned with the shaft, assuring a straight pull during operation.
  7. Never alter any part of a gear puller by cutting or grinding. Never apply heat to any gear puller. Applying heat could cause the puller to lose its "strength."
  8. Should it become necessary to strike the puller for removal of a stubborn gear or bearing, care should be taken to strike the head of the center bolt squarely. If after one or two sharp blows, the gear or bearing remains stuck, select a larger puller and proceed to remove the gear or bearing.
  9. Always clean the gear puller after use and store in a dry place.
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